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Tiara travel accepts various payment options .The following payments methods are available:                                                                  .           .Paypal prepaid card                                                    .Bank Transfer       

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Payments for booking can be made by Prepaid  card (we accept Paypal prepaid card or by Bank Transfer . To pay by Bank Transfer , contact us . 


You can now book your business trip or vacation in complete safety. If you wish to obtain information or clarifications as to your choice of destination or to plan your itinery ,we reccommend that you contact our travel advisors by telephone at 39 3805106497. The Tiara Travel Agency transactional site is a site of maximum security . Please note, however, that use of this site means that you automatically accept the general conditions set out by the wholesalers and /or providers of travel services ,and that is your responsability to consult them.

(A)The term travel supplier encompass among others ,Airlines , Tour Operator ,Suppliers of Travel Packages ,Hotels and Hotel Groups ,Insurance Companies and Cruise Lines .                (B) Cancellation of a purchase.If you wish to cancel your purchase on the internet , you must immediately contact us by phone .Under no circumtances should you send an email or leave a message voicemail box without getting a response from a travel agent .Tiara Travel Agency will not cancel your online purchase . Once your purchase is complete , you are subject to cancellation or change fees that wholesalers and suppliers charge . You should refer to the terms and conditions  of the wholesalers or supplier of your trip .Please note that we reserve the right to cancel your reservation if we have good reason to believe that is fraudulent .          (C) With regard  to hotel reservations the specific general conditions of hotels for cancellations and modifications are available on our site on request to our customer service , they also appear on your confirmation email.When you  modify  your reservation, it is your responsability to ensure that this modification does not affect any other product or service that you have purchased .              (D)With regard to card rentals , the specific terms and conditions of the travel supplier's car rental service relating to cancellations and modificatins are available on our site on request from our customer service .In additions if you do not cancel your reservation before the vehicle pick up time  and do not pick up date or if you do not respect the general conditions of the supplier, the intermediary reserves the right on behalf of the supplier to charge you a no-show-fee .                                                

At the end of the reservation a confirmation page displays in particlar the number of your reservation file . A few minutes later , when your payment is registered you will receive an email including the memo voting and your electronic ticket


Travel Documents                 It is your responsability to have in your possession all travel documents passports,visas etc.As well as the vaccines required by the authorities of the countries where you will be staying , at your own expense .If you are ensure of what documents to obtain , please contact Tiara travel agency or the consulates or embassies of the countries you will be visiting . The traveler who does not have in his possession the necessary documents to travel will be refused access on board the carrier or entry to the country of transit or final destination . In such a case , cancellation fees apply and Tiara Travel Agency disclaims all liability .                                                                                                                     Need Travel Insurance                                                                                            It is not mandatory to take a travel insurance but it will be good to do so because while travelling abroad medical expenses might turn out to be very expensive and the insurance can take care of that . Hence (a worry less)travel experience.                                                                                                                                         Air Ticket                                                                                                                           Booking flights tickets are something that you need to think about early .If you  are travelling to a well known tourist spot and it is peak time ,changes are that flight ticket rates would be very high . Booking in advance will help you to get the tickets at a cheaper rate.Carry a copy of your confirmed air ticket while you travel just in case the original is lost .If the return trip is booked , carry a copy of it as well as it can be asked to be produced at the immigration of certain countries .Please note:A confirmed onwards and return air ticket is a necessary document to apply for a visa application gets rejected then your flight tickets will get wasted  (and so will your money )For this reasons it is better to buy a refundable cancellable ticket . They are slighly expensive and even when cancelling you may not get 100%of the money back (this depends on how early you cancel it )                                                               Proof of Accomodation Hotel Booking                                                                       When on a tourist visa ,or for countries with visa- on - arrival,most of the countries ask for accomodation proof at the immigration counter . A copy of the hotel booking or the invitation of a relative or friend who resides there will be fine . Travelling is a wonderful adventure and to do it in a responsible way will ensure a good and meaningful experience . So before you head out make sure you have these essential travel documents in hand . Happy tripping.                                                                                                                                                                  

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After placing your order , you will receive a confirmation e-mail which will constitute your contractual document . This first confirmation e-mail will provide you wth all the details of the requested products or services .Subsequently ,we will verify that your purchase has been correctly taken into account by your travel suppler (s) and that your payment can be processed . Our obligation to issue the ticket will be subject to payment being made in full . Once everything is correct, you will receive  a second e-mail    in a detail of 1 working   day following receipt  of the first e-mail  , in which we will confirm the insurance of your ticket(s)

(A)Trough this site , Tiara Travel offers an online agency travel . A purchase on this website means any type of order for products or services that make with an obligation to pay and which has been confirmed by Tiara Travel . By purchasing travel products or services by Tiara Travel through this website , you are entering into a contract directly with        the travel       supplier(s).                                 (B)  Travel Insurance .   Travel agency Tiara Travel strongly recommends that its clients take out insurance covering certain events that may occur before , during or after your departure .    

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